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HYPNOTHERAPY is a powerful tool. It is a state of deep relaxation, combined with heightened suggestibility and concentration. It is a direct way to reach the subconscious, which governs our habits and behavior.  While you are deeply relaxed, your hypnotherapist makes suggestions that you agreed upon in advance about the changes you are ready to make in your life. You visualize these changes and, 
after the session is complete, you naturally act on the suggestions to achieve YOUR goals. Hypnosis works, in a powerful way to help you change your life through the power of your mind. 
During hypnosis, you are in a trance, not asleep. For many people, it feels like you are half asleep while listening to a T.V. or radio in the background. You will be in a state of deep relaxation. You could open your eyes and get up if you needed to, though you aren't likely to want to-it is that relaxing. 

Hypnosis cannot MAKE you do anything. Things you see on T.V. in which stage hypnotists "make" people quack like a duck or do other silly things is just that; silly and a stage performance. The participants volunteer and expect to be asked to do silly things. Real Hypnotherapy is nothing like that. 

If you daydream, or have been driving down the road and realized that you passed your exit without remembering seeing it, they are both  examples of being in a hypnotized state. In the office, guided by a hypnotherapist, it is guided daydreaming. It works to the extent you WANT to change that part of your life. 

Each session can be recorded for you to listen to at home, over and over for reinforcement. I will record your session on any recording device that you bring. Many people use their IPhones. A HYPNOSIS RECORDING IS NEVER TO BE LISTENED TO IN A MOVING MOTOR VEHICLE. 

In many cases, and specific to your personal situation, insurance covers the cost of sessions. 

Some of the changes Hypnotherapy can help you make are: 
Decreasing stress and anxiety                                                          
Improve Sports Performance                                                              
Improve Sleep                                                                                         
Stop Smoking 
Weight loss
Eliminate irrational fears ( phobias ) including Dental Phobias and Fear of Flying 
Overcome test anxiety 
Improve concentration 
Manage Chronic Pain 

These are just a few examples of the changes you can make with hypnotherapy.   During your first visit we will discuss the changes YOU wish to make and develop a plan.